Record Reviews


Cold Summer start this track off with a really strong punky bass line with the drums and guitar added to the mix for some awesome groove, this brings the sound together brilliantly lead on to the quieter verse. Tapping riffs from guitarist Chris lead the way through the verse as the bass and drums keep the solid feel. Dan’s vocals in the chorus are the real stand-out aspect of this song though; harsh, throaty and almost reminiscent of Dananananakroyd. They give such a strong contrast to the combination of melodic vocals and guitar in the verse giving ‘Waiting,’ the kick it needs.

We’re really looking forward to seeing them support End of a Year at The Well, Leeds on the 15th of January, just to see if this recording does Cold Summer justice.



MARMOZETS - Passive Aggressive

I must say, looking at the front of the Marmozet’s EP shocked me a little as you really don’t get any hint of the strong, attitude-filled vocals or technical guitar riffs that lie inside.

'Collisions' is the beginning of the five track EP and what a fantastic start; we're definitely introduced to what the band does best. This song really shows off front-woman Becca's vocals whilst the guitar timings remain technical.

Lives starts off strong and slightly more aggressive than ‘Collisions’. This song was released as a “little” video single, and with good reason. With it’s catchy, crowd grabbing intro and upbeat verse, in which Becca shares vocal duties with bassist Will, flows into a chorus reminiscent of bands like Reuben.

'Mister Danger'. This song definitely hits it's peak at around 2.10mins, the guitars/bass are techy, the drums are heavy and the layers of vocals are intense. This doesn't quite prepare you for the last 30seconds of the song though, where the timings are impeccable, really showing off the bands skill and just how tight they are as a group.

'Back To Blackout' kicks in with some awesome guitar harmonies and fast-pace drums and catches you with Becca's screams. The chorus of 'Back To Blackout' is so upbeat I can't help but bob up and down while listening, changing to half time at the end making me want to sing along.

The beginning to ‘The Perfect Beverage,’ is the climax of the whole album. The whole first minute is dedicated to the skills of the two guitarists, bassist and drummer. Becca’s vocals are really tested in this song as well, quiet sections reminiscent of Flyleaf’s Lacey Mosley, surrounded by heavy screaming and slightly menacing singing, what more could you ask for? 

One of the things I really enjoy about Marmozets is that no one takes a backseat in this band. If you like this EP then get straight to one of their shows, as they will not disappoint, infact, I feel that ‘Passive Aggressive,’ doesn’t quite do them justice compared to their live show. Their stage presence is worth every penny you spend on the ticket.